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How To Lyft

The feeling of Lyft is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever sense.

We have developed 2 stages to help you ease into the Lyft experience, the Beginner stage and the Lyft stage.

Beginners Stage

Its recommended that any beginner should start by laying down to get a feel for the board and hand control.

Once you feel comfortable, you can slowly begin to ride on your knees.

Once you have mastered riding on your knees, proceed to stand up.

Once you can stand you can move to the Lyft stage.

Lyft Stage

Once you feel comfortable and balanced on the board while standing, begin to Lyft by slowly accelerating and shifting your weight back, touching and going until you feel balanced.

We highly recommend you do not tense while you Lyft. The feeling is a foreign experience to most and your initial reaction will be to tense. This is normal, but relax all your muscles and concentrate on the placement of your feet.

In order to Lyft off the water, you must place your weight on your back foot to allow the board to exit the water, but once it has Lyft ,you need to shift your weight forward to balance the board.

Remember to remain above a certain speed to hold that Lyft. If you do not add enough speed, you will not Lyft off the water.

Maintain a steady speed once being Lyft. Reminder, where you look, your body turns and the board will follow. By increasing your speed when being Lyft, you will turn more seamlessly.

What To Do When You Fall

If you feel you are losing your balance and you're about to fall, make your best effort to simply jump away from the Lyft Board. Do not try to correct. You want to avoid crashing into your equipment and will gradually find an easy way to fall off into the water. It is part of the experience. Just get back on the board and get back to Lyfting.

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